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Medical Micropigmentation 

Multitreppanic collagen actuation (MCA):

Dry needling has proven success in treating and improving the appearance of many skin conditions. By breaking up tight and tough scar tissue new blood comes into the area and as a result new collagen grows giving the appearance of fresh new skin.  Treat skin conditions such as: stretch marks, skin grafts, fine lines and wrinkles, surgical scar, acne scars, burns, cleft lip. For best results a minimum of 3 treatments are recommended over 3 months. If skin lacks elasticity a combined Derma Roller and dry needling treatment can be recommended for best results. No pigment is used for this treatment.


Scar Camouflage:

The infusion of pigments into the skin where dry needling has not recoloured scar tissue and melanin is absent from the skin. This treatment can improve the white shinny appearance of healed scar tissue. It is used to camouflage the following skin conditions; scars, burns skin grafts and vitiligo. Scar tissue is unpredictable so multiple treatments may be reqired.


Scalp Micropigmentation:

Hair follicles: Hair loss treatment that gives the illusion of real hair or shadowing under the skin to camouflage thinning, receding or hair loss. By infusing specific, colour matched pigments in the epidermis it simulates the look of a shaved head or adds colour to the scalp where thinning has occurred. Multiple treatments may be required.


Tattoo Removal:

Using a solution to correct or remove permeant make up treatments or remove small tattoos. A consultation is required.


  • emi Permanent Make Up Artist


  • Microblading


  • Permanent make up

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