Does it hurt?


We do our very best to make your experience as pain and worry free as possible with the use of topical anaesthetic creams to keep the discomfort to a minimum and by creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. Some of our clients are so relaxed they even fall asleep!


Is it safe?


Sanitary and hygiene is of the upmost importance to us, to ensure we work in a completely sterile environment and to avoid any chance of cross contamination we offer a completely disposable service for your peace of mind. Patch tests are carried out to ensure that reactions to the pigments are avoided.


How long does it last?


Semi-permanent make up varies from person to person, the pigment itself will remain under the skin however as your immune system works to break down the colour, overtime it will begin to fade in appearance. Age of skin, UV exposure, skin tone/colour and your skincare regime are all factors of why the colour breaks down, some quicker than others. Colour boosts are recommended 12-15 months after your initial treatment to maintain a fresh appearance.


Will it look natural?


The treatment can be made to look natural or different techniques can be used for a more dramatic effect. Your desired outcome will be discussed during your consultation process.


What is the recovery time?


The healing period is usually between 7-14 days. Your treatment will look sharper and more defined during this period. Unevenness is to be expected as they heal and as the pigment settles in the skin.


Can I still wear normal make up?


No make-up should be applied to the treatment area whilst they are healing. However once the healing process is complete, conventional make up can be worn over the top if desired.


Is my brow hair removed?


Eyebrow hairs are precious, we dont want to start pulling hairs out where it's not necessary. Hairs add to the naturalness and 3D effect of the treatment so once the template is decided, any brow hairs that fall outside of that template can be removed. This will be done during the treatment process. 


Can cosmetic tattoo’s be improved or fixed? 


Badly shaped brows, uneven liner and unnatural colours can be reworked and brought back to a flattering look with the use of corrective pigments and removal solutions that fade or remove old pigment. Your expectations must be realistic, as results are not always comparable to new treatments.

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