Frequently Asked Questions

What is Semi-Permanent make up?

​Microblading, semi permanent makeup, digital blading, nano blading, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation… so many names, the list goes on! Fundamentally they are all the same thing which is an advanced beauty treatment that defines eyes, brows and lips using specially designed state of the art equipment. Hairstrokes, powder, ombré 3D, HD ... (this list also goes on!) are the techniques that are used to achieve the desired results. Pigments (not inks!) are infused into the skin using a completely safe method with the end result replicating perfectly applied make up with a soft natural finish. Semi permanent make up can be as subtle or as dramatic as you chose and pigments are matched to your skin tone with colour designed to imitate the most natural look.

Who has Semi-Permanent treatments and why?

Semi Permanent make up is a perfect way to start your day – waking up with perfectly applied make up! Should you suffer with a medical condition such as alopecia, have hair loss after receiving chemotherapy or if you are sensitive to conventional make up semi permanent make up is a perfect option. It is also ideal for those who are on the go, in a rush, off to the gym and who want to look their best at all times with smudge free, natural make up.

Does it hurt?

I do my very best to make your experience as pain and worry free as possible with the use of topical anaesthetic creams to keep the discomfort to a minimum and by creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. Some of my clients are so relaxed they even fall asleep!

Is it safe?

Sanitary and hygiene is the upmost importance to me, to ensure I work in a completely sterile environment and to avoid any chance of cross contamination I wear full PPE and offer a completely disposable service for your peace of mind. Patch tests are carried out on everybody to ensure that reactions to the pigments are avoided.

How long does it last?

Semi-permanent make up varies from person to person, the pigment itself will remain under the skin however as your immune system works to break down the colour, overtime it will begin to lightnen and fade in appearance. Age of skin, UV exposure, skin tone/colour and your skincare regime are all factors of why the colour breaks down, some quicker than others.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments may require multiple applications of colour to reach the desired outcome. A top up session, between 4-12 weeks, after the initial appointment is included for best results and there is no charge for this appointment. Any further colour boost appointments are charged and its recommended to have them between 12-18 months.

Will it look natural?

Every artist has their own style and mine is very natural, having said that they are your brows and you have to look at them everyday in the mirror so your desired outcome will be discussed during your consultation process and differernt techniques can be used to make your enhancement look as natural or as bold as you wish.

Can I still wear normal make up?

No make-up should be applied to the treatment area whilst they are healing. However once the healing process is complete, your usual make up can be worn over the top if desired. Treatments are best carried out on make up free skin and so it’s advised to avoid wearing heavy makeup to your treatment appointment. Please feel free to wear your normal make up to your consultation so I can get a better understanding of your style and what you are currently used to wearing each day.

Is my brow hair removed?

Eyebrow hairs are precious, we dont want to start pulling hairs out where it's not necessary. Hairs add to the naturalness and 3D effect of the treatment so once the template is decided, any brow hairs that fall outside of that template can be removed. This will be done during the treatment process.

Before my treatment can I have other beauty treatments - botox, face peels, waxing etc?

Around the treatment area avoid; - Botox in the brow region should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior to your treatment - Retin A skincare products for 1 month prior to your treatment - AHA skincare products 2 weeks prior to your treatment - Professional chemical peels 1 month prior to your treatment - Electrolysis 2 weeks prior to your treatment - Fake tan, sunbeds/sunbathing or bleaching brows for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your treatment. - PL laser hair removal for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your treatment - Waxing, tinting, hair stimulating products, bleaching & perming treatments for a minimum of 2-4 weeks prior to your treatment - Artificial lashes should be removed 1 week prior to your treatment and not reapplied for two weeks after - Dermal fillers in the lips should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior to your treatment

After my treatment, what can and can't I do?

For a least a minimum of 2 weeks after all treatments, I advise to avoid the following; - Direct sun, tanning treatments, Jacuzzis, saunas, salt water, chlorinated pools and direct shower spray/getting wet - Intense exercise and heavy sweating - Beauty treatments - including Botox and Fillers - Make-up directly applied on the treatment area

What will my treatment area look like after the procedure is done?

Immediately after the treatment the colour intensity of the treatment area will be sharper, darker and more defined, this will subside as the skin heals (usually with in 14 days) and will then look softer and natural. Delicate skin or sensitive areas may be swollen, puffy or red immediately after the treatment. What to expect during healing - everyone heals differently but these symptoms are a normal part of the healing process. The first 4 days Minor redness, slight bruising, puffiness and tenderness. Eyelashes may stick together (after eyeliner treatment) Dryness and itchiness in the treated area as the skin healsand dry flaking particles (eyebrows in particular) Dry lips (for up to 3 weeks) Week 1 The treatment area may look patchy as tiny scabs form and come away Week 2 The treatment area colour will begin to fade and will look paler Week 3 The colour begins to return to the surface of the skin Week 4 The treatment area is heeled and is a true reflection of the completed work Week 5 -12 For first treatments a top up session is required to enhance the original work and ensure colour, shape etc is perfect, this session is not charged. Further sessions for additional work are charged.

I suffer from cold sores, can i still have my lips done?

Absoloutely, however we will need to take a liitle more care of you beforehand to prevent you from having a breakout. You will need to take anti herpes medication before and after your treatment, these are available from your doctor on precription. Zorivaz is also recommended to use 3 days before and after as an extra form of prevention. Semi permanent make up treatments do not cause cold sores, however if you carry the virus, it lays dormant in the nervous system and can be aroused by the infusion process.

I wear contact lenses, can I still have my eyeliner done?

Of course! Wearing contact lenses does not effect your treatment however do not wear contact lenses during or immediately following your treatment. Please wear/bring your glasses if necessary. You may resume wearing your contact lenses 24 hours after the treatment You may have mild swelling after and as a safety precaution you may wish to have someone drive you home.

I'm pregnant/breast feeding, can I still have a treatment?

Unfortunately treatments can not be carried out if you are pregnant. If you are breastfeeding you will need to express for 48 hours before the treatment is carried out.

I've had my treatment done and would like it touched up a little – can I?

The skin takes a total of 28 days to repair and renew and so no additional work can be carried out on the same treatment area for a minimum of 4 weeks. After this time, if you wish to have a touch up you can arrange a check up appointment.

Can I get my treatment area wet? Can I wash my hair?

I recommend that you use a mild antibacterial cleanser or water to freshen your skin during the first week, do not fully submerge your face. Clean your treatment area twice daily with damp cotton pads, patting clean to lift dirt/ no wiping! If your treatment area gets wet, gently pat the area dry using a clean tissue. You should avoid getting your treatment area wet for 2 weeks.

Can cosmetic tattoo’s be improved or fixed?

Badly shaped brows, uneven liner, unnatural colours and overlined lips can be reworked and brought back to a flattering look with the use of corrective pigments and removal solutions that fade or remove old pigment. However I always explain to my clients that their expectations must be realistic, as results are not always comparable to new treatments.

What's the difference between Microblading and Semi Permanent Make Up?

Most people assume that to achieve beautifully crisp hairstrokes you must use a microblade and to use a machine they must be heavy, block tattoos but no, no, no, that’s not the case! Hairstroke brows, eyeliner and even lips can be created with both tools. A Microblade and a Digital Machine are the two different types of tools that are used to create your enhancement. - Machine Method: A disposable super dooper fine needle is placed into the machine which then electronically works the needle in and out (like a sewing machine) to perfectly place pigment into the skin at the correct depth giving long lasting results. - Microblading: Is a non electric hand held tool consisting of multiple nano needles compact together to form a blade which then manually slices the skin implanting the pigment. Microblading is actually an very old Asian technique based on the bamboo tapping tattoo technique that has made a comeback in recent years! Microblading can last from 6-18 months depending on skin type and other variables and can have some amazing results if performed on the correct skin type. The machine method is suitable for all skin types & ages whereas Microblades do not work well in particually oily, poreous, dry, damaged, aged or thin skin. There are lots of myths around the two techniques so please read my blog here to clear up any confusion!

What shall I expect during my treatment?

Head over to my Treatment Process page for the full run down on what we will be doing in your treatment.

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