What are HD Brows?


Fast becoming the celebrity craze of the decade, HD Brows is an amazing bespoke eyebrow treatment that lifts the eye and frames the face for the ultimate well groomed, high definition eyebrow.


Much more than just a tint and shape…


Your eyebrows are as individual as your fingerprints and HD Brows offers a high-precision procedure that can transform even the most unruly, over plucked or sparse brow into the perfect shape to suit the wearers face.


Based on a combination of seven unique steps, every HD brow treatment is absolutely exclusive. Our Stylist will assess the shape and colourings of each individual and create a bespoke program to help you achieve the perfect brows for you.


Even if you have sparse areas, there is still hope! Our stylist will work with you on a re-growth program to help you get a fuller brow and with an excellent range of brow make up products, your stylist will show you how to fill in the gaps until they grow in.


The Effects are so good it’s almost like having a mini face lift… but a lot cheaper!


All treatments are performed by Rosie, a highly trained and skilled HD Brow stylist.


Rosie Bellington | 07732 099121 | info@rosiebellington.com

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