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Every face is different, as individual as your fingerprint. I carefully study every aspect of the face, the skin type, undertones, bone structure & face shape and will recommend a treatment plan that best suits you to give you long lasting, natural results. 


How is the treatment done?

The treatment area is cleaned and numbing cream is applied directly to the skin. The template is then drawn onto the skin, once the template and the pigment are agreed then the infusion process begins. This is a soft needling sensation direct to the treatment area. *Photos of the treatment area are taken before, during and after for documentation.

Treatment Process


A consultation meeting is the first step, we discuss the treatment type and the desired outcome for colours and shape. Before any treatment is undertaken you must fully read and understand the forms below, informing us of any medical conditions you may have prior to your scheduled appointment which could prevent you from having your treatment done on the day.

You must pick up a sensitivity (patch) test from your local clinic, this consists of an instruction sheet and 2 x small round plasters one containing a pigment sample and the other the anaesthetic cream that is used. This must be carried out at home at least 48 hours before your appointment. 


If you have any medical conditions you may be required to provide written consent from your GP. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for semi-permanent make up and we will only carry out procedures when we are completely satisfied that the wellbeing of the client is not effected.


Once the consultation is complete the treatment can begin. The equipment used is the machine method and hypoallergenic vegan friendly medical grade pigments, which meet all European Health and Safety requirements.


The treatment takes approximately 2 hours including the consultation. The treatment consists usually of two sessions, the initial application and then a follow up session is available 4-6 weeks later, paying particular attention to fine detail. This session is included in the initial price.


Once the treatment is complete you may receive a healing balm depending on your skin type and procedure. This is made from 100% vegan organic, natural ingredients and packed full of essential oils that soothes, restores, calms and renews with NO NASTIES!


Full after care instructions will be sent to your email on completion of your treatment so that your treated area is well looked after once you leave the clinic, and the colour is preserved as best as possible whilst healing. 


After the infusion process your treatment area may display mild redness and swelling which can last for up to 48 hours. 


The treatment colour will be a darker shade for approximately 1 week - gradually fading to the desired result. An annual colour boost is recommended to keep the colour and appearance vibrant and defined. 

        What shall I do before receiving my treatment?                     What shall I do after receiving my treatment?


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