Semi-Permanent make up - Brows


"Your eyebrows are as unique as your finger prints"


Like haircuts, eyebrow shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all, the perfect brow will depend on many aspects such as the dimensions of your face, your bone structure and any existing hair you already have. Pencils and powders are great for remedying sparse growth and enhancing poorly shaped, asymmetrical brows however this treatment pays close attention to your face shape and colouring and will last all day with no smudging! 

The right brow shape will help open up the entire eye area and work to improve the face’s overall symmetry. 

Hair stroke brows give the effect of ultra-fine delicate strokes that simulate natural hair growth and blend with your natural brow hair using the machine method. We work with the 'landscape' of your brow - be it too short, thin, patchy or sparse and we aim to restore the basic shape. If your brows are completely gone, we'll recreate entirely new brows especially suited to you. 

The ombré technique is one of the most sort after techniques currently on the market as it is suitable for every skin type and every age group. Most importantly it provides a soft natural effect to enhance your natural beauty as all permanent make up should. 

Some people might be hesitant about any form of permanent make up because of the association with tattooed eyebrows in the past. Ombré brows, however, is a new subtle technique which will give the natural effect of softly shaded, fluffy brows.

A 3d Combination brow is using the two combined methods of shading and hair strokes to create a natural looking brow but with depth and fullness. This suits all clients weather you have sparse brows, none or simply lack shape and definition.

A Microbladed brow, is performed by manually depositing pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis by a special hand tool. This technique of layering pigment into the skin manually, sits higher up in the skin, creating fine and crisper hair strokes as a result. As opposed to using the machine method of tattooing which goes deeper and lasts longer as a result. Microblading can last from 6-18 months depending on skin type and other variables. The blade of a microblading pen contains numerous pins that are 3 times thinner than the needles used for tattooing. Microblading is not suitable for oily skin or very thinning skin. Its also not for clients with thick dense brow in parts as the hairstrokes will not blend partiulary well.

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