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Meso Vytal skin needeling anti aging treatment

Meso Vital

Skin rejuvenation for tired, wrinkled and injured skin. MESO Vytal is the newest and most effective painless and risk free skin treatment. The substances penetrate very effectively right to the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis and place the highly effective substances directly into the problem areas.


Your treatment will begin with a very gentle AHA fruit acid peel containing a rich cleansing milk, which works mainly as an exfoliant. Then using a special cartridge, which will penetrate your skin up to 0.3mm. we implant the chosen substance which will nurture, refresh, rejuvenate and boost the cells from inside.


Finally ending with the after-care cream, your skin is able to absorb this aftercare formula and benefit from its soothing, smoothing and strengthening effect. There will be no trauma to your skin nor any healing time.

Semi Permanent Make Up Artist Microblading Permanent make up

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