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I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows and eyelash enhancement. I was introduced to Rosie after a friend had had some semi-permanent makeup by her, and was eager to achieve a similar look for myself.


Having had to undergo hypnosis for the fear of needles a few years ago, I was skeptical that I would actually be able to have the procedure without being fearful. Rosie explained all about the type of machine she uses to carry out the work, and ensured me that she would numb the areas to be treated to minimise any discomfort.


Thank you so much for my luscious lip blush. I must say I came along with the usual reservations that you have about someone making a permanent change to your face but i am so over the moon with the results, you have done such a good job with making my lips appear fuller and more youthful without having to resort to “the big needle”! You were reassuring, informative and most importantly professional, leaving me feel completely at ease in your hands. I’m already debating which treatment to book in next with you!

Caroline Dight



I initially saw Rosie for brow and liner treatments and was so happy with the service and results that I returned to have my lips done too. Rosie was friendly, approachable and professional. She was happy to answer my queries and allay any concerns that I had by giving me her professional opinion. She took the time to discuss with me concerns I had, such as the right shape and colour to suit me as an individual. I was a bit hesitant to accept her guidance, thinking that I knew my face and what I wanted, but her advice proved to be invaluable, and the results are fabulous.


I couldn’t be happier. As a result, I’ve recommended Rosie to 4 friends. Each of them has been delighted with the results, and each have retained their individual style. I would say to everyone considering permanent make up – Go for it, but go to Rosie! I get compliments daily on my make up and I’ve had to put no effort in at all!



I am a 49 year old mum of two who is on the road to beating breast cancer woo hoo! My cancer journey involved having surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug therapy.


During my chemo I lost all my hair including eyebrows and lashes too. Without hair, including that which defines our face i.e brows and lashes I have to say my face looked alien to me. Post chemo my hair obviously grew back but my eyebrows never regained their thickness and colour (some may say thats a blessing!!). I decided to have semi permanent make done.

It wasn’t a decision I took lightly but I’m so glad I did. Looking back at old photos, pre-cancer and now, I can honestly say how different I look and feel. Friends, family and colleagues all commented on how well I looked and couldn’t quite pin it down to what was different until I told them. I have nothing but praise for Rosie, she was informative about the procedure, kind and gentle and I had no problems post treatment. I would recommend this procedure to anyone wanting to get back that confident feeling especially post chemo when our hair isn’t always what it was.

Alexandra King


I never thought in the month of Sunday’s that on my 50th birthday I would be told I had breast cancer. It happens to other people not me.


There were a number of things as a woman I dreaded going through treatment. Fortunately I did not have to have Chemotherapy, which may have meant me losing my bodily hair; I cherished my dreadlocks that I had grown for 16 years.

I have always prided myself and my appearance. I loved clothes and wearing makeup. One of the things if I’m to be honest that I was always unsatisfied with is my eyebrows. They were thin with faint hair, not at all striking. I tried all the tricks in the book to correct the look I wanted but was never completely satisfied.

On visiting my local beautician I was amazed at the album I picked up showing how permanent make up could make a difference. This was my chance to have the perfect brows! This would be the Christmas present to me. I quickly sort out the information of how it would work and decided there and then this was for me.

Having permanent make up my eye brows are stunning! They enhance my features and complement the shape of my face, and yes I no longer need to keep trying and failing to get them just right.

With a spring in my step I am really happy. I give the thumbs up to my new brows, my renewed confidence and of course, Rosie – who made it all possible! Thank you.

Pauline Moodie - Breast Cancer Survivor


Rosie is like Poetry in motion she is a perfectionist to detail & this is so evident in her work as is her passion & flair. She has artistic precision. Thank you Rosie for making me feel human again with my new eyebrows.

Jeanette Dentith-Barnard

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